Proper Oral Hygiene Contributes to Your Overall Health and the Health of Your Teeth and Gums.

Dental health is dependent on regular brushing and flossing, however it is equally important that you make regular visits to our dental office here in San Jose to have your gums and teeth examined. We will check your teeth for decay and your gums for signs of periodontal gum disease. We will also check your neck and throat to make sure there are no signs of cancer, and will check your jaw for signs of TMJ/TMD. Generally, you will only need a simple cleaning and polishing, which works to brighten your teeth and remove tartar buildup. In the event Dr. Shimizu discovers a more serious gum condition, he may recommend a deep cleaning, root scaling or planing. These procedures have a significant impact on preventing the loss of bone and helping you keep your natural teeth in the best possible shape. We will also educate you on the best dental hygiene practices you can undertake to keep yourself from suffering significant dental-related problems. We often suggest lifestyle changes, including quitting smoking or limiting your soda and sugar intake.

For more information about our Dental Hygiene and Teeth Cleaning services here in San Jose or the other dental services we provide, give our office a call at 408.923.5511 or email us at We look forward to helping you create and maintain optimal oral health.
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