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Know 6 vital facts about Root Canal Treatment in San Jose!

Does the mention of the word root canal run your blood cold? However, in reality, patients find the procedure pretty comfortable against the thought they had.  Let’s get to know 6 important facts regarding Root canal before visiting a root canal dentist in San Jose    
1. Root canal affects what part of your teeth? 
The pulp is the soft substance inside every tooth made from nerves, blood vessels and tissues. These pulp tissues extend down from the canals to the root. So, the canals catch infection leading to sensitivity, pain and discomfort.
2.Why is a root canal required? 
A root canal is essential as it treats the tooth pulp and canals when they become infected, inflamed or damaged.  
3.What conditions can root canal fix? 
It’s clear that the pulp and the teeth nerves get damaged and need a root canal. However, given below are some other common situations that require a root canal in San Jose
  • Tooth pain and extreme sensitivity.
  • Tooth abscess or infection.
  • Deep cavities.
  • Dental trauma causes nerve damage.
  • Tooth cracks or fractures.
  • Repetitive dental procedures leading to teeth stress. 
  4. What is the procedure like?  The procedure is divided into several steps: The first step involves evaluating your mouth condition through x-rays and a pulp test. The second step is numbing the affected area with the help of a local anesthetic. The next step involves the removal of the infected pulp by creating an opening. Once the pulp is removed, the area is well cleaned and disinfected.  The fourth step is when the canal is filled and sealed and finally, a crown is attached for additional protection from any damages in the future.  5.Is it painful? Many patients describe root canal the same as getting a filling. The procedure involves minimal discomfort. It is recommended to take good care and follow all the necessary instructions directed by your dentist post-treatment.   6 . Are they long-lasting?  If the teeth are taken well care of, root canals can last for a lifetime. Surprising, but true. You need to practice excellent hygiene and regular checkups.   Visit Dr. Grant F Shimizu and restore your smile! Are you looking for root canal treatment in San Jose? You are at the right place! Berryessa Dental offers you the smile you have always dreamt of. We are just a call away!
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