Dr. Shimizu Will Fix Your Broken or Decayed Tooth With a Dental Crown!

If you have a broken or decayed tooth that can’t be fixed with a filling, inlay, or other dental restoration procedure, Dr. Shimizu may recommend a dental crown to restore the tooth back to it’s normal state. A crown is designed to cover the damaged part of the tooth and will restore it back to it’s original size, shape and overall structure.

You May Need a Crown If:

  • You have extensive decay or damage to a tooth
  • You have a broken tooth
  • You have had a root canal
  • You have a tooth that has more filling than actual tooth structure
  • Finishing off a dental implant

Traditional Dental Crowns Involves a Two-Step Process

During the first visit, Dr. Shimizu prepares your tooth by removing enamel and dentin to allow room for the crown.  He’ll then make a model of your teeth and gums and will fit the prepared tooth with a temporary crown.  The model is then sent to the dental lab where they will create your final crown, and when  ready, you’ll return to Dr. Shimizu’s office to have it fitted.

CEREC Crowns In Just One Visit

With a CEREC porcelain dental crown, Dr. Shimizu will fix your tooth in just hours rather than weeks as is the case with traditional crowns.  They are completely metal free so you no longer have to worry about metal allergies and it makes for a nice cosmetic option for tooth restoration.

The CEREC Process

Dr. Shimizu will prepare your tooth for the CEREC crown just as he would for other types of crowns or other restorative procedures by first removing damaged, weak, or decayed tooth tissue.  He’ll then take an optical impression of the prepared tooth instead of using the old method of a tray filled with goop that you would bite into and hold in your mouth until it hardens. A camera is then used to take a digital picture of your tooth, with the entire process only taking a couple of minutes. The CEREC software takes the digital picture and converts it to a 3D version which then Dr. Shimizu can use to mill the new crown.  Right there in the office, while you wait!
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