Dr. Shimizu Can Save Your Damaged or Infected Tooth With a Root Canal!

Root canal therapy is used to alleviate pain. Most of our patients who have had one say they did not experience any pain during the appointment and felt so much better afterward. Also called endodontic treatment, a root canal involves removing the nerve tissue (pulp) located in the center of the tooth and at its roots. Once the pulp is removed, each empty root canal is filled with a rubber-like material and medicated cement. The opening in the tooth is then closed with a temporary filling and after a bit of time a crown will be placed. The nerve of the tooth is not important to its health as long as the tooth has already broken the gum line — it simply provides sensation to hot and cold and your chewing will not be affected by the procedure. Dr. Shimuzu’s highest priority is to save a tooth whenever possible and using tooth extraction only as a last resort.
If you have a hurting tooth, call us now at 408.923.5511 or email us at Info@BerryessaDental.com and he will provide you with the best solution for relief.
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