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An ultimate guide on Cosmetic dentistry and it’s different types

  A smile is an essential part of your life. If you can flaunt a smile you love, your self-confidence is automatically improved. Cosmetic dentistry enhances the way your smile appears when you talk and smile. Do you feel embarrassed when you smile? Book your appointment with our best San Jose cosmetic dentist, Dr. Shimizu, at Berryessa Dental and reinvent beautiful smiles.  We offer a wide array of San Jose cosmetic dentistry services to treat dental issues including:
  • Crooked teeth.
  • Teeth gaps.
  • Chipped tooth.
  • Discolored and stained tooth.
  • Minor damages to the front teeth.
Types of cosmetic dental procedures: Dental Bonding – Is considered one of the most affordable cosmetic dental procedures to treat light stains, small cracks, chips, and even cavities. They are also recommended when you have slight teeth gaps.  Teeth whitening – Get a brighter shade of smile in just one appointment with an in-office whitening treatment. Our dental office also provides at-home whitening treatment where you can get a sparkling smile in the comfort of your own homes.  Dental veneers – Dental veneers are wafer-thin shells made up of porcelain to correct minor chips, cracks or slight front teeth discolorations.  Invisalign – nobody thought that getting your teeth straightened would be so easy and comfortable. Invisalign lets you have a straight smile without undergoing the struggles of traditional metal brackets and wires. As the name suggests, they are invisible aligners that move your teeth in their ideal position.  Dental crowns – Are your teeth missing or broken? Crowns can offer the ideal solution in rebuilding and protecting teeth. They appear and function the same as your natural teeth. They are placed on the front of your teeth to offer an amazing look and a beautiful smile.  Meet us today! Our dental office is awaiting your presence. We believe investing in oral health is investing for life. Therefore, we aim to offer you the best smiles you can have. Contact our team today if you want to rejuvenate your smile by our experienced cosmetic dentist in San Jose  
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