How to Choose a General and Family Dentist in San Jose, CA

Choosing a dentist who can treat every member of your family, ensures a consistency of dental care that may not be available from dentists that only provide a more specialized dentistry service.

When choosing a dentist to treat you and your loved ones, look for a practice that offers comprehensive care and can not only provide the wide variety of dental services in their office, but also works with specific specialists with whom they have a well-established relationship.

Another thing to consider when choosing a dentist is their emergency policy. While some dentists specialize in emergency dentistry, established patients of a family dental practice are typically well attended to when a dental emergency arises. A dentist who has followed you and your family throughout the years is better equipped to handle emergency situations and can supply preventive appliances for their patients who they know are active in sports and other physical activities that may involve the risk of dental injuries.

Dr. Shimizu has been providing dentistry services for the whole family here in San Jose since 1980. He has treated many of his adult patients since childhood and has helped them live a healthier life because of his services. He believes that building a trusting relationship between him and his patients is a vital aspect of maintaining good dental health which contributes greatly to their overall health and well-being.


Here at our practice in San Jose, Dr. Shimizu not only provides the general and family dentistry services which include extractions, fillings, cleaning and exams, but also provides cosmetic and restorative services which includes dental implants, crowns and veneers.

If you’re looking for a dentist who can provide exceptional dentistry services for your entire family, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today and get the dental care you need!

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