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What’s the difference between a cap and a crown?


Today’s dental clinics have expanded their offerings to provide quick and effective remedies to various oral issues. Dental procedures have also become much more adaptable, making it possible for almost everyone to choose a treatment that suits their needs.

Dental crowns and caps are two phrases that are frequently used interchangeably to assist cure a variety of dental problems.

As a result, some people may be unsure what the difference is between a crown and a cap.


It’s worth noting that dental crowns ...

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Pros & Cons of All On 4 Dental Implants


All-on-4 is a treatment that is utilized as an alternative to regular dentures in San Jose. An entire arch of teeth in the top or bottom of your mouth can be replaced with this procedure. Dentists can use four properly placed dental implants to attach prosthetic teeth. The implants are first put in the jawbone, replacing the natural tooth root.

Unlike standard dental implants, which require a separate screw for each tooth, the All-on-4 dental implants method uses only four screws ...

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Dental Implant Retained Dentures & Bridges

Do You Have Dentures That Slip and Move While You Talk, Chew and Smile?

San Jose Dental Implant Dentist Grant F Shimizu, DDS Can Help!

The Benefits of Dental Implant Retained Dentures!

More Natural Looking – Dentures that are placed over dental implants look, feel, and function more like your natural teeth. The denture is securely anchored to the implant which allows you to smile and chew just as you would with your natural teeth. No Movement – When dentures are anchored to ... Continue Reading →

San Jose Dental Implants for Restoring Missing Teeth

Why Dental Implants Are the Best Replacement Option for Your Missing Teeth?
A dental implant is a prosthetic fixture that San Jose dentist Dr. Shimizu surgically embeds within the jaw bone to function as the root component of a prosthetic tooth. This mode of replacement for missing teeth has become quite popular, not only for Dr. Shimizu and other dentists, but an increasing number of patients also prefer dental implants over other tooth replacement options. Have you ever wondered why dental ... Continue Reading →
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