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What Makes An Endodontist A Specialist In Tooth Preservation?

If you’re experiencing significant tooth pain, it’s time to see an endodontist. Most people occasionally experience tooth discomfort or sensitivity, but there may be an essential concern if the condition persists or becomes overwhelming. Endodontists have the expertise and skills to identify and treat the disease correctly. “Endodontic treatment at San Jose” preserves your tooth and prevents it from being extracted and replaced.

Taking Care Of Teeth To Keep Them Healthy

Teeth may last a lifetime with proper care and attention. Unfortunately, ...

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A Reason To Smile – Family Dentistry


We are a general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry clinic in San Jose dedicated to restoring and maintaining the health and beauty of our patient’s smiles. Our entire team is dedicated to creating a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere in which to receive comprehensive dental care. We are dedicated to improving and restoring teeth to their maximum potential. If you are missing teeth and require denture maintenance, porcelain crowns, or dental implants, our team has the expertise and experience to ...

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Do I Need a Root Canal?

Before moving on to this question of whether you need a root canal or not, let’s understand what a root canal is and what it offers, and how it is performed because understanding the basics always plays a key role in getting into the depths of the topics.

What is a root canal?

In the root canal, it follows a treatment sequence where the infected pulp of the tooth is either removed or treated to avoid infections ... Continue Reading →