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Do I Need a Root Canal?

Before moving on to this question of whether you need a root canal or not, let’s understand what a root canal is and what it offers, and how it is performed because understanding the basics always plays a key role in getting into the depths of the topics.

What is a root canal?

In the root canal, it follows a treatment sequence where the infected pulp of the tooth is either removed or treated to avoid infections ... Continue Reading →

How to Choose a General and Family Dentist in San Jose, CA

Choosing a dentist who can treat every member of your family, ensures a consistency of dental care that may not be available from dentists that only provide a more specialized dentistry service. When choosing a dentist to treat you and your loved ones, look for a practice that offers comprehensive care and can not only provide the wide variety of dental services in their office, but also works with specific specialists with whom they have a well-established relationship. Another thing to consider ... Continue Reading →
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